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Design and Printing Pocket Folders, postcards,brochures and full colour books. Please enquire.

Inhouse Projects deadlines:

April 24, 2007 Postcards 4x6 nine different designs
May 2007 Book "Christmas Festival and other Volcano Poems"
July 2007 Nova Scotia postcards 4x6
October , 2007
Book "St.Patrick's Co-operative Credit Union. Fifty Years of Golden Service"
October 2007 Postcards of Antigua 4x6 sixteen different designs

January 2008 Book of Postcards "Antigua & Barbuda in 24 aerial postcards"
April 2008 Postcards of St. Kitts
June 2008 Postcards of Nevis
July 2008 Book "Death in the Family" by Howard A. Fergus
August 2008 "Caribbean Recipes" book by Jacinta Fenton
November 2008 "Foods from Daddy's Garden"by Jacinta Fenton
January 2009 Grenada Postcards and fridge magnets
March 2009
St. Lucia Postcards, and Photo Book, Struct-Con Construction Pocket Folders, and fliers
April 2009
Book by Judy Ebersprechen "All about scallops"
August 2009 Anguilla, Tobago, Barbados projects