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Placemats for 2008 Season!

Please note the size is 11"x17", double sided, with round corners, surface glossy, very sturdy.

For orders specify quantities and reference number.

PMA-010 Placemat Antigua Jolly Beach Resort/Coco Point Barbuda

PMM-011 Placemat Montserrat Banana/Rainbow

PMM-012 Placemat Montserrat Dancing Masquerades/ Volcano Night

PMM-013 Placemat Montserrat Woodlands Beach/ Underwater

PMA-012 Placemat Antigua / Barbuda
Galley Bay/ Coco Point

PMA-013 Placemat Antigua Beaches
Half Moon Bay / Hawksbill

PMS-014 Placemat St. Kitts
Dieppe Bay / National Flower,flag,birg,anthem, coat of arms

PMS-15 Placemat St.Kitts
Independence Square/ National Flower













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