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New Featured Book

"Montserrat and Montserratians"
by Igor Kravtchenko, Introduction by Prof. Howard A. Fergus.
ISBN 0-9736950-0-5<
96 pages, photographs throughout
Published: July 2005
Retail price US $32.95 / CAN $ 39.95
New Book about Montserrat - the first in its kind !!

Photo book with 96 pages of colourful photographs about the today's life of this beautiful island and its friendly people.
You may have this photo book by simply contacting publisher: info@
Order today - There are limited number of copies!
Only 32.95 USD
plus $7.00 USD for shipping to US
$10 USD for shipping worldwide
For Canadians $39.95 CDN plus shipment $10.00 CDN
Shippment to Ontario residents is $6.00 CDN (plus TAX)
You can also buy this book in many book retailers in Montserrat and England, or via (see the link below).

Review in Caribbean Beat, March/April Issue 2006
Article in Montserrat Reporter, January 6, 2006
Article in Montserrat Reporter, August 19. 2005
Article about the book in "The Mirror", August 19. 2005
Please read Press Release August 9, 2005

Please read Press Release July 29, 2005

Montserrat and Montserratians
by Igor Kravtchenko, Introduction by Prof. Howard A. Fergus.
ISBN 0-9736950-0-5
96 pages, photographs throughout
Published: July 2005
Retail price US $32.95 / CAN $ 39.95

Feedback from Readers:

Hi Igor- I received the 2 copies of your "Montserrat & Montserratians" yesterday!! WOW!!! It is wonderful and am so glad I ordered them. Will be giving one to one of my daughters for X-mas, as she too deeply loves Montserrat. I haven't yet read all the text, but plan to do so today. I love the pictures of the landscapes-- so familiar! And your shots of the ash clouds-- had not seen any like that before!! And your portraits of those little boys are priceless!!! Thankyou so much!!! Judy Brown, Churchville, USA

"...I received the book in the mail yesterday. I love it! The introduction gives a great summary of the current activities on the island, something that is not easy to glean from the resources I have encountered on the web. The pictures are wonderful, it's like paging through a friend's vacation album - except that my friends don't take such good photos.
I'm now trying to convince my wife that we need to take a trip there.
Thanks again, Neville Herd, Minneapolis, USA.

"...The photographs in the book are really lovely and evoke many memories of Montserrat for me..." Elizabeth Salt. Westerville, Ohio, USA

I can't believe how vibrant the colors came out on the photography. My hat is off to the photographer and the printer. Laurie Gluck, Atlanta, USA

That was really quick they arrived today and they are fabulous. Thank you so much. . Tricia Campbell, Doncaster, UK

Even I already travelled more than twenty countries , Montserrat is still my favorite place to go. Probably I felt in love with this place from my first time I saw it from the ferry approaching the island. Do not expect any casinos, huge hotels, shopping malls and crouded beaches, Montserrat is different! It offers villa rentals, few small hotels, feeling of security, friendliness,english-irish-caribbean culture,stunning vews and hikes in calm rainforests and beautiful (almost undiscovered) underwater landscapes.

Photo book "Montserrat and Montserratians" Photo exploration of the island by Igor Kravtchenko. Photography Montserrat, West Indies, Plymouth, Little Bay,people photos, nature images, beaches, festivals and kids photos.

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