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Press Release

Montserrat Reporter

August 19, 2005


Copy of the Article in pulished in Montserrat Reporter
 Publish Date: 2005-08-19 


New Local Book Portrays Decade Of Volcano in Photographs and Text

If you have not yet seen the latest book publication on Montserrat we assure you that you will be impressed to the point that you will want to purchase a copy, or two, or three, just to share with your relatives and friends.

The Book – Montserrat & Montserratians Commemorating Ten Years Living with the Volcano, (1995-2005), is a 96-page treasure of stunning photographs about life today of the people who live on the island. It also provides literary highlights of the history, politics and economy of the island, and contemporary details of the hotels and villas, Volcano and Nature, underwater life, culture and sports evident on the island.

The authors are Montserrat-born luminary Professor Sir Howard Fergus and Russian- born, Canadian citizen and award winning photographer, Igor Kravtchenko.

From the time you see the cover of the book, that features a photograph of a young girl exuding the joyous spirit of festival in a costume depicting a portion of the islands flora, the urge to delve inside grows stronger.

On turning the pages you are immediately caught up in the absolute authenticity of being introduced to an experience that is part familiar, part soul searching, part liberating, part reaffirming. The literature is supported by photographs in living colour appropriately placed across the pages as to hold attention and commit the information to memory forever.

Mr. Kravtchenko said in the preface that he felt inspired to produce the book after falling in love with “the green island from the first minute I saw it from the ferr.”
And indeed it is obvious that the striking photography captures most vividly, real life aspects of the celebrations, culture, and underwater world that are part of the Montserrat experience. Mr. Kravtchenko has been a regular visitor to the island on several occasions and according to him, has had “the chance to explore the underwater world, enjoy the tranquility and colours of the rain forest, and admire magnificent views from the hills.”

The photo exploration is a captivating journey into the heart and soul and life of Montserrat – the land, the sea, the people, the here and now.

From start to finish, the reader and/or viewer is taken to another level of experiencing, through the camera lens, the Billboard invitation that is forever open to all those who come to our shores. Welcome to MONTSERRAT - Still home Still Nice! The book is the first of its kind and can be obtained by contacting Mr. Kravtchenko at

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